#Teacher # Lecturer | Develop relationship with students

'I possess a great ability to develop relationship with my students, patient, caring and very kind personality, commands respect and dignity, knowledge of my students and their learning capabilities, engage my students throughout the lesson by applying interactive teaching and learning skills, creating good rapport with parents and students, and dedicated to the welfare of my students and colleagues. I have great storytelling, motivating and counselling skills. I have a great sense of humor which makes my teaching process very lovely and lively. I enjoy teaching in the Hogeschool and the Universities. My interest and experience is in teaching Entrepreneurial skills, Technical design projects and counselling and Motivation. I have great experience in teaching Mathematics and General Science and English in the basic schools.'

Zoek regio's : Oost Nederland, Noord Nederland en West Nederland
Kennisgildes : Bedrijfskunde, Onderwijs, Ondernemen/Retail en Business Development
Beschikbaarheid : In overleg
Referentie : MN271

Voor meer informatie over deze kandidaat kunt u contact opnemen met Gerben Brinkman, coördinator van het HiTalent NetwerkCenter.